Habitat Monitoring

An important part of the CIP is a standard method to classify and measure northern bobwhite habitat across their range. The CIP habitat classification system focuses on the vegetation structure at multiple levels (canopy to the ground) and the proximity of different cover types to each other. Based on the classification system, the CIP habitat monitoring uses 14 in-field measurements to determine if a patch of cover is considered quail habitat.


The latest version of the NBCI CIP used to collect habitat data within a NBCI Focal Area.


Download this datasheet to effectively collect NBCI habitat data.

Are you participating in the NBCI Coordinated Implementation Program and have Habitat Data?


What do I do with my data?

You may now enter your data in the NBCI Habitat Monitoring and Management Data Explorer. This is an interactive web map that allows you to view, submit, and manipulate habitat data. Before submitting your data, it must be formatted using an ArcGIS file geodatabase template. Download your state-specific template and the Digitizing Guide to get started.

All StatesHabitat Monitoring Digitizing Guide
Habitat Management Digitizing Guide
AlabamaAL Habitat Monitoring File Geodatabase
AL Habitat Management File Geodatabase
ArkansasAR Habitat Monitoring File Geodatabase
AR Habitat Management File Geodatabase
DelawareDE Habitat Monitoring File Geodatabase
DE Habitat Management File Geodatabase
GeorgiaGA Habitat Monitoring File Geodatabase
GA Habitat Management File Geodatabase
IllinoisIL Habitat Monitoring File Geodatabase
IL Habitat Management Geodatabase
IndianaIN Habitat Management File Geodatabase
IowaIA Habitat Monitoring File Geodatabase
IA Habitat Management File Geodatabase
KentuckyKY Habitat Monitoring File Geodatabase
KY Habitat Management File Geodatabase
LouisianaLA Habitat Monitoring File Geodatabase
LA Habitat Management File Geodatabase
MissouriMO Habitat Monitoring File Geodatabase
MO Habitat Management File Geodatabase
NebraskaNE Habitat Monitoring File Geodatabase
NE Habitat Management File Geodatabase
New JerseyNJ Habitat Monitoring File Geodatabase
NJ Habitat Management File Geodatabase
OhioOH Habitat Monitoring File Geodatabase
OH Habitat Management File Geodatabase
OklahomaOK Habitat Monitoring File Geodatabase
OK Habitat Management File Geodatabase
PennsylvaniaPA Habitat Monitoring File Geodatabase
PA Habitat Management File Geodatabase
South CarolinaSC Habitat Monitoring File Geodatabase
SC Habitat Management File Geodatabase
TennesseeTN Habitat Monitoring File Geodatabase
TN Habitat Management File Geodatabase
TexasTX Habitat Monitoring File Geodatabase
TX Habitat Management File Geodatabase
VirginiaVA Habitat Monitoring File Geodatabase
VA Habitat Management File Geodatabase


Proper training is necessary to ensure data is collected consistently among years and between partners. We are in the process of developing training material to help partners become more familiar with that habitat monitoring. Below is an example of what's to come. Currently, you can get started with the CIP Habitat Monitoring Training Manual. To view other habitat training modules, click the links below. These modules require compatibility with Flash and will work best on a desktop or laptop computer. Click "Ok" through the error message and content will play normally.

Introduction to the CIP
Identifying Units
Collecting Data for Regular Cover
Habitat Characteristics
Learning the Classification System

NBCI CIP Habitat Monitoring Training Manual

Identifying Protective Cover

How to identify protective cover when delineating and classifying habitat.

Minimum Mapping Units

Discussion on the minimum unit to map when delineating habitat.

Delineating Regular Cover

Definitions and thresholds for delineating and classifying habitat.

Forest and Shrub Questions

Working through forest and shrub questions on the observer data sheet.

Measuring Bare Ground

How to determine the amount of bare ground available. Also seen in the "Habitat Characteristics" training module.

Characteristics of Protective Cover

Description of protective cover. Also seen in the "Habitat Characteristics" training module.